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Open 7 days a week - 8am until late
FREE coffee with every truck wash
Find us at Motis Freight Clearance and Truck Stop facility, Western Docks, Dover - Click here for map
Open 7 days a week - 8am until late
FREE coffee with every truck wash

About us

Looking after UK & European hauliers

Here at the UK’S independent Big Hand Truck Wash we offer a dedicated service for UK & European hauliers and have been cleaning trucks for over 30 years.

Because of our experience we have a good understanding of haulage owner and driver requirements when it comes down to optimising the importance of good appearance on trucks for your company/brand image.

Having years of experience within the industry you can rest assure that our dedicated team are fully trained to a high level in cleaning commercial vehicles ‘the good old fashion way…by hand’

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For every truck we wash we believe in:

Non-abrasive cleaning

Worried about highly polished or alloy chrome finishings on trucks being damaged by harsh chemicals – i.e, tanks, cat walks and wheels.

Our expert team will always appraise your vehicle prior to cleaning ensuring the right application at all times giving you peace of mind.


Superior quality detergents

All our detergents are quality manufactured to ISO 9002 British Standard Approved which enable us to deliver superb results every time.

So you can rely on us to use the right chemical whether it be a deep cleanse using foodgrade TFR combined with antibacterial properties for all refrigerated vehicles.



Specialised cleaning service




  • The Big Hand Truck Wash cleaning process is performed under a covered canopy making this an ideal location to clean your vehicle whatever the weather.
  • Vehicle is rinsed in cold to luke warm water
  • Non Caustic hot foam is applied to the entire vehicle to include wheels, tyres and chassis
  • Each wheel is cleaned by hand with a soft sponge
  • Heavily ingrained or soiled vehicles will be agitated using a specialised Non Caustic, Solvent TFR whilst the non abrasive sponges help protect your paint work and livery
  • The complete vehicle is then rinsed off with a state of the art pressure washers that apply steam water where required
  • The final stage is completed by drying the glass and mirrors using the light pressure of air compressors that will leave a smear-free finish.